Welcome Readers!

This is an introduction to my blog “Chaconia Andrelle” and has been inspired by my neighbourhood. Featured in the shoot is “King’s Street”, the street of my life; the street where my roots have been established and the street where I still reside.

Also featured is Dre DeCarlo (http://dredecarlo.wordpress.com) who has played a significant role in sparking my interest in modeling. Dre is a true friend and advisor.

I thank him for being an inspiration and being a part of this photoshoot. I am truly blessed. 🙂

Photography by Michael Alexander, Make-up Artist: Raven Gill, Nails done by En Vogue, Shoes by La Femme Fashion Factory  

This blog is dedicated to the promotion of Caribbean fashion artists and their lifestyles, as well the exposure of our own fashion talents.

So, stay tuned! WELCOME TO BIM, MY HOMELAND 246! 


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