King & Queen of the Street

“When God plants a dream in your heart, he starts preparing you for its fulfilment. He strengthens your character and deepens your spiritual roots. Don’t try to bring it to birth prematurely, instead trust God’s timing.”-John 12:24

As an introduction to our blog, Dre and I hit my home street, “King’s Street” where I still reside. My vision is to capture “the beginning” and a little feel of my neighbourhood. Also I wanted to capture one of Barbados’ landmarks, the stand-pipe. I hope you guys love my vision.

I would like to thank everyone for making this shoot possible: Photographer- Michael Alexander (, Make-up Artist- Raven Gill, Hair stylist: Phillipe Taylor (Blahniks Salon), Nails done by En Vogue, Shoes from La Femme Fashion Factory and Dre DeCarlo for being a part of this shoot. I thank you.

Have a Great weekend everyone xx.

3 thoughts on “King & Queen of the Street

  1. The king and queen of the street is a beautifully engineered piece of two contradiction colourful fresh and decay.I love the shoot its it story telling is intricate simple at the same time.

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