Pretty Independent

All the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a simple lovely action. A Countless Beauty

– James Russell Lowell

This shoot featured Platinum Look Boutique located on #21 Cavans Lane, Bridgetown. Bernadette, the Manager of the store has great taste in her choices of pieces which appeals to any woman. Her style of clothing caters to the taste of the everyday young gal as well as the mature woman with a look that is timeless.

I took a visit to the prestigous grounds of Independence Square in the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. The simple, white, exquisite dress is simply a pure innocent inspiration. It’s sophistication is a reminiscent of one of Victoria Beckham’s looks. The cool, calm quietness of this look is inspired by and connected to the historical heritage site of Bridgetown Independent Square which houses the statue of one of our national heroes, the late Honourable Sir Errol Walton Barrow who was a former Prime Minister of Barbados.

The ambiance of the Indepence Square located in Bridgetown made this look effortlessly. I posed here taking in the wonderful sunshine while mantaining a graceful posture to get that perfect shot.

I am lover of shoes and this pair helped with expression of personality which brought character to the look. Thankfully these shoes are found in the boutique.

The accessories were simple and elegant. They were not too extravagant. These cute turquoise oblonged shape coloured bobs with a gold plated ring around the colour and the lovely gold bracelet real made this complete.

I would like to thank Platinum Look for allowing us to feature their wonderful garment and accessories. I would encourage everyone to visit Platinum Look and see what lovely pieces they have to offer.

I would also like to thank my crew for making this photoshoot possible.

Photographer: Richard Boyce 

Clothing & Accessories: Platinum Look Boutique

Makeup: Colour Coded

Fashion Stylist: Dre DeCarlo

Creative Director: Dre DeCarlo & Chaconia Andrelle

Nails done by EnVogue

Eyelashes done by Bernadette (Manager of Platinum Look)



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