The New Blessings from a Dream

Allow your dreams a place in your prayers and plans. God- given dreams can help you move into the future He is preparing for you.

Always stay connected to people and seek out things that bring you joy. Dream with abandon. Pray confidently.

– Barbara Johnson


2013…A new year that welcomes blessings, a fresh outlook, a new focus and beginning which is reflected on my new face. This extends the love I have for the persons I have worked with in the past and look forward enthusiastically to, this year.

As I continue to strive for the greatest success, my journey continues to highlight the passionate, talented and outstanding minds of our young entrepreneurs of Barbados.They have the greatest desires for this industry whether its photography, make-up artistry, designing, craftsmanship, the ability to open a store to show case their tastes in fashion,or  that drive to make an idea a reality.

I look forward to taking my audience on an exciting journey that will be expressed each month of the year.

I abandon any past doubts, or fears that have clouded my vision while striving to promote excellence.  I will be positive and express my deepest thoughts. An expression of my positive and deepest thoughts goes firmly in sync with the dream no one can predict and only can be written by me. I recognize that I am blessed with treasures that are cherished and embraced at every moment. My dreams are kept very close to my heart and I recognize the uniqueness of this gift.

I am indeed proud to introduce you to the lovely designs of Iman Estie by Brandi Estwick. Brandi is such an amazing vibrant soul. She has been another force of positivity and a blessing from God who has seen this dream before I have ever thought of it. The futuristic design of this black dress, highlights a sign of beauty, strength and determination. Even though Brandi was unaware of my concept for this shoot, somehow this piece meshed with the ambiance of my residence, and inspired me to be more creative.

This shoot was done in the lovely presence of my home. It is here that I am inspired to dream and produce these concepts which blends with the creativity of the featured artists who I collaborated with on this blog. My dearest friend, photographer, Michael Alexander, who has been very inspirational and supportive from the time the blog started, has worked again to create a story from a dream that started the year.


IMG_8012 (1)

IMG_8004 (1)

IMG_8022 (1)

My face was done by Deborah Ramdin, my friend and colleague. Deborah has a loving heart, calm, warm spirit and a talented hands which has created the look I present to you throughout this feature.

I would like to thank God for allowing me to dream, Dreams which have allowed me to create a concept for this photoshoot. I would like to thank my mother, with special mention of Auntie Paula and Kenny my mentors of hope and inspiration, along with my closest and dearest friends who have supported me from the time this blog was created. Every word of advice, guidance, love and prayers are deeply appreciated. For all those who made this shoot possible, I thank you.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. I hope you like what you see and continue to support this journey we will take together.

Photographer: Michael Alexander

Make- up Artist: Deborah Ramdin

Designer: Iman Estie

Assistant stylist/runway coach: Arlette Williams

A dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

-Proverbs 13: 12

41 thoughts on “The New Blessings from a Dream

  1. Its said that Dreams are a reminder of life and as long as dream, the journey of life never ends. Congrats on all you have achieved and God’s Blessings in your future projects

  2. Awwww pookie.. You are so grown now 🙂 Congrats honey and I wish you nothing but success in all of your endeavors!!!! Mad Proud of you

  3. A rose is most stands out when it is pruned with the excesses and foliage removed – continue to bloom and remember you are beautiful!

  4. Chaconiaella, Congrats on a superb effort. You have an excellent concept and your idea is coming at the right time when we are preparing to take the Cultural Industries Development Bill to parliament. The legislation will be of great benefit to persons such as yourself. Congrats again.

  5. Brilliant Chaconia!! The photos are absolutely stunning. Also, your thoughts are words are awe-inspiring. This sky is the limit Chaconialle!

  6. you know i am proud of you hun, i know you were unique from the time you called my phone….im so glad you help me now i can help others…..follow your dream i love you chica

  7. keep dreaming lady this is a great concept the house under construction i see u are representing barbados your flag colours comming through. You were always a dreamer. LOVING THAT HAIR IT IS FIERCE

  8. This shoot came together really well. If anything the theme seems to me to be “I’m building my dreams, so don’t stand in the way!”. I like the fierce look and color combinations but I prefer your smile so I’d like to see a shoot with a lighthearted theme in the future. Also, I highly recommend you join Instagram if you haven’t already. It’s perfect for people like you who are trying to express themselves and connect with others especially when it comes to fashion. Great job!

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