The Golden Lining of an Artistic Mind. I aim for the Gold!

When it seems that your prayers are not being answered, it may be that God is simply saying ‘hold on’. During this time he will be healing your past so it cannot pollute your future.

– Isaiah 49:8

As I climb towards my highest pedistal, I am reminded that nothing is given before its own time. Patience, meditation, and to believe in a dream that may sound like a fairytale but can actually become a reality. Those wise words of advice that I am told, “Hold on Chaconia, you can make it, don’t ever think twice” or ” Chaconia do not allow your set backs to be your major excuse for not focusing on your heart’s desire, Hold on!!! Hold on!!”

Here I strike a pose in another Iman Estie design, I think about reflecting on the golden lining to this dream. In this piece, I felt confidence from my heart as I look up to face the hurdles that will be thrown in my way. I am ready to conquer, I am ready to overcome. I will continue to believe, I will hold on.

The futuristic details of this dress are very powerful and elegant, along with a sophisticated touch of sexiness.





As I look onward in 2013, I remember to  surround myself with ‘good people’: people of substance, people of purity, people who have that same vision as I do. At least these persons can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and would never discourage you from following that dream. Reinforce yourself, “Hold on confidently, aim for Gold, and foresee that future”.

I would like to dedicate this post to the positive persons who have influenced my drive and my motivation. From the closest of friends to the new friendships that have been sparked through a mystical feeling from my spirit. I would like to thank especially a dear friend,  someone who never ceases to amaze me, who has envisioned my passion and future as very possible, Stokely Murray. I would like to give the warmest of thanks for his advice and wisdom as well as advice on perseverance. I thank you.

Photographer: Michael Alexander

Make- up Artist: Deborah Ramdin

Designer: Iman Estie

Assistant stylist/runway coach: Arlette Williams

Accessories: Chaconia Andrelle

Golden pumps bought from “Super Styles”, shoe store

One of the most common mistakes is thinking that success in life comes from some magical formula which we do not possess. Success is simply holding on and not letting g0.

-Revelation 3:11


14 thoughts on “The Golden Lining of an Artistic Mind. I aim for the Gold!

  1. Amazing dear, i’m loving this. Keep up the good work!! and keep rocking Brandi’s clothing line.

  2. You look absolutely amazing. Your entire look is so well put together. Kudos to your hair and make up people, but the model’s got it going on!!

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