My Grace is Revealed as I follow my passion…

I am not what I ought to be,

I am not what I wished to be,

I am not what I hope to be; but,

by the grace of God,

I am not what I was.

-John Newton

When I think about this journey thus far, another opportunity awaits to be discovered. I am positive that my accomplishments as well as my challenges will present another idea along with another concept. In every task I approach, I will ensure that I pursue it with enthusiasm, confidence, and passion.

I pose in another Iman Estie design: very soft, very pure, and very elegant. This white dress signifies the elegance and grace that I have embraced along with the purity of my talent.



IMG_8082  IMG_8085

I hope you have enjoyed some of the designs from Iman Estie who was the first featured designer on my blog to start the year. If you are interested in any of these designs you may contact the designer, Brandi Estwick on her facebook page, 

I thank everyone who has made this photoshoot possible and to Iman Estie, your designs are wonderful, pure, talented and very futuristic. I am truly honoured to model your beautiful pieces on this blog. I thank you.

Photographer: Michael Alexander

Make- up Artist: Deborah Ramdin

Designer: Iman Estie

Assistant stylist/runway coach: Arlette Williams

Accessories: shades purchased by Fashion Factory, Canary Mall, Bridgetown. 

Look deep within yourself and recognize what brings life and grace into you heart. It is this that can be shared with those around you. You are loved by God. This is an inspiration to love.

-Christopher De Vinck



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