The joy of Serenity

  God has granted me the courage to change the things I can, the patience to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

-James 1:5

The beauty of Serenity is to accept you for YOU. It is that simple. I love my body, my spirit from within and my best asset my smile. I accept every flaw, every little hint of imperfection that makes me that young lady that I am today. I accept and I will embrace.

I encourage every woman to embrace those imperfections, keep you head up high, and give the world that smile for there is goodness at the end of the tunnel once you think positively.

This shoot was taken in one of Barbados’ heritage sites, Queen’s park. I enjoyed this shoot. The concept of this shoot was to be a fun, energized, upbeat, full of colour and of course smilez.

Here I pose in one of my favourite designers, Simon Peter designs. This multicoloured lace dress is such a “head-turner” . This was a first time, working with Ms Deborah Thompson where I wore her creative designed jewelry as well as a new featured makeup artist, Mr. Edmund Griffith. I hope you enjoyed this post.

blog photos-13

blog photos-10

blog photos-11

blog photos-3




blog photos-9



blog photos-4

blog photos-12

blog photos-1

Here is a photo that was taken as my face was being prepared for the shoot. Thanks to Edmund Griffith who did an excellent job on my look.

blog photos-14

blog photos-2

I hope you liked the bold colours and intricate details of the jewelry which were done by Deborah Thompson. I enjoyed showcasing her work, she has such a kind heart, and very heart warming personality. I felt the positivity through her jewelry which brought life to my dress.

blog photos-15 

blog photos-7

Photographer: Paul Osbourne & Kerry Holder

Make- up Artist: Edmund Griffith

Designer: Simon Peter 

Assistant stylist/runway coach: Arlette Williams

Accessories: JBD Designs- Jewelry by Deby

Shoes from Fashion Factory



2 thoughts on “The joy of Serenity

  1. You are awesomely beautiful! I love the representation for all ladies, and all their insecurities….your smile is lovely and your confidence is impressive. Congrats to Paul Osbourn for such great work tooo…what a good team.

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