My Favorite Great Supermodels Of All Time – ROSHUMBA

Dre DeCarlo

A timeless Chicago beauty who has transcended from muse to mentor, Roshumba Williams is another product of fashion visionary Yves Saint Laurent. As aforementioned in my article on Martinique-born supermodel Mounia, Saint Laurent was known to many as one of the designers who pushed the use of black models in the fashion industry. Roshumba was one of those lucky models he worked with closely. The 6-foot-tall model was discovered in 1987, as a teenager in Paris. She had moved to Paris with nothing but $150 in her purse, but after attending many go-sees she was quickly signed. She became a hit on the runways of the world & one of the most sought after models of the 90s. After booking her first haute couture show with YSL, the exposure led her to be remarked by other designers & fashion editors. That quickly led to being booked by the…

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