I love the Blues……work that Gold

Hey everyone,

It has been a while that I have posted on my blog but it was a good wait for you to see. I have decided to explore my godmother’s property. It has a beautiful landscape and the garden is breathe taking. My first time working with Mr Shawn Fields as my featured photographer, along with the lip colour of Jolie lipsticks. I think this shoot was very spontaneous and full energy. I hope this “Blues” put a smile on your faces.

blues11 blues12 blues13 blues14 blues15 blues18 blues19 blues23 blues24 blues27 blues25 blues28 blues30 blues31 blues32 blues33

Photographer: Shawn S. Fields Shawn Fields Photography
MUA: Arlette Williams
Designer: Simon Peter
Stylist: Dré DeCarlo
Lipcolour by Jolie Lipsticks
Shoes from Super Styles boutique

If you like what have seen on this shoot, please feel free to comment. If you are interested in any of Simon Peters Designs or Jolie Lipsticks visit their facebook pages:

Simon Peter- http://www.facebook.com/simon.peter.5036459/photos   or contact Simon Peter designs at (246) 236-3294

Jolie Lipsticks:  http://www.facebook.com/jolielipsticks?fref=ts    or contact Jolie lipsticks at (246) 825-5578

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