Get Excited about that Fur Coat

What a wonderful action word!! It is an effective, contagious force. It helps you achieve the impossible and makes the future full of promise. Be Enthusiastic!!!







I’m back!!!!!

Yes I know I have disappeared for a while but I am willing to fill you with the details. I “pinky swear” ^_^

Many ideas, different inspirations to my concepts that awaits to be unraffled. The ending of a challenging journey into a new journey that awaits a final decision. It may seem like I am speaking in parables but you will understand as more posts will be revealed. 

Here I am posing for the first time for the year, in “Studio Studio” photography studio for one of my favourite photographers, Mr Carl Blenman. I had a blast with him. He is such a creative being and willing to try new concepts. We finally got to work with each other for my blog. I am blessed to have him on board as one of my featured photographers. 





My face was done by the lovely Tennille Griffith. She is so talented, I think we have some sort of super powers whenever we collaborate. It’s the craziest feeling ever. 

My haircut was done by Bernard known as “Mr Edge” and my smile compliments me. 


CH0022 CH0036 CH0114 CH0116 CH0122




About this choice of eyewear, I have to thank my assistant/assistant stylist, Ramon Taitt, who helped me with deciding on my final eyewear looks. Believe it or not, this eyewear I sourced from the streets of Bridgetown from Wayne “The Eye Specs Guy”. I purchase all my eyewear from him. He located in the alley within Swan Street. I ll get back to you on the name of it. I am so awful with remembering names.

CH0136 CH0146


I hope you enjoyed my first post.

More excitement to come very soon.



Photographer: Studio Studio Photographers  (

Assistant/Assistant Stylist: Ramon Taitt  IG:@ramont1988

MUA: Tennille Griffith IG: @tennillemarisa

Nails done by Alyssa Harewood “Polished Pawzz”  IG:@polishedpawzz

Accessories: Metal Boutique IG:@metalboutique 

Haircut by Bernard   IG:@mrbernardzz

Eyewear by Wayne “The Eye specs Guy”


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