Current change of character

uccess is a journey, not a destination

-Ben Sweetland


Hey everyone,

I have been constantly asked when will I reveal the photos from this shoot. Have I ever expressed to you that I enjoy personally styling myself and others. I have been blessed with an amazing talent where I “piece” different garments together to fulfill a look. My looks are influenced by various visions in various dreams, daily thoughts, inspirational people both locally and internationally, my is a mind blowing gift once it is used wisely.

In this post, I have attempted to cross a different persona. I wondered how it felt to attempt a “bad gal” inspired character. Well this is my first attempt in studio which was shot by Carl Blenman from Studio Studio photography. These pieces I have gathered are from my wardrobe except the accessories.

I am a little self conscious about this shoot but I have managed to stick to the character and proceeded to the end. I am not used to this exposure but hopefully I have impress you my audience.













































CH0283          CH0284




This shoot could not be possible without my amazing team of creative minds. I am blessed thus far and I feel in my soul that more creativity will be presented onto this blog.

What do you think??

Comment!!! I need to know what is on your minds.


Photographer: Studio Studio Photographers  (

Assistant/Assistant Stylist: Ramon Taitt  IG:@ramont1988

MUA: Tennille Griffith IG: @tennillemarisa

Nails done by Alyssa Harewood “Polished Pawzz”  IG:@polishedpawzz

Accessories: Metal Boutique IG:@metalboutique 

Haircut by Bernard   IG:@mrbernardzz

Eyewear by Wayne “The Eye specs Guy”








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