Powerful, Black Elegance

Hey everyone,

I had a vision that I would be strutting my curves in a lovely black dress while wearing a black broad hat. I think I have stirred a new obsession for hats.

These actions came to mind: Be effortless, Be elegant, Be powerful in my movements and most importantly be myself, that strong young woman, Chaconia Andrelle.




002 (1)





8 9 10




Statuesque pose towards the sun light in Pink Lemonade designs

Photographer: Sheldon Shorey    

Instagram: urbanbajan 

Assistant: Ramon Taitt                

 Instagram: ramont1988

Dress: Pink Lemonade designs by Rotchelle Parris            

Instagram: pinklemonadebyrp

Black hat: Suin Babe 

Makeup Artist: Alphaeus Designs

Instagram: alphaeusdesigns

This was the first time I have ever worked with another “creative genius” Mr Sheldon Shorey. I really enjoyed working with him and his energy was so positive and vibrant. I thank you for the opportunity to share my vision through your lens.

Have a wonderful week ahead ^_^     Xoxox








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