About Chaconia Andrelle



“So what does this Incription mean for us, the Youth of Barbados? How can we make our voices heard loudest? We must know our history, remember our heroes and stalwarts of this City and we must take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop and promote our talents. We must take our ideas and crafts to another level.

We young people are very much able to express who we are and where we stand. We are ready to play a major role in the development and preservation of our Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison.”

 -Chaconia Griffith, speech from the Inscription ceremony for Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison

As the youngest Constituency member for the City of Bridgetown, this has always been my dream and main focus. To assist and empower the youth from my country, Barbados especially from the City. I intend to “prove” to others as I walk through the unfamiliar waters of doubt, that anything is possible once you put your mind to it and have a plan along the path to reach your highest pedestal.


My name is Chaconia Andrelle Candace Grifith and my interest in fashion has sparked along with this passion and from the past experiences that I have encountered thus far. From experiencing the biggest challenge in my life which was my weight loss where I have lost 40lbs, placing 2nd Runner up in Miss Barbados World 2010 where I was awarded: Best Beauty with a Purpose project which was focused on children living with Autism, Best Talent, Most Photogenic, Best Haute Couture, and Most Promising Contestant, my heart continues to pump to accomplish so much more.


My intensions for this fashion blog is form a network not only within the Caribbean to know who is Chaconia Andrelle, but to promote Barbadian designers, photographers, makeup artists, and other young innovative persons who have similar passion like I do. The blog targets different aspects of my childhood with the City of Bridgetown and its Garrison.

I aspire to become an international Fashion Editor, Fashion icon and model. This blog inspires me to push further beyond my imagination. I intend to reach out to empower and inspire others who have interests in Fashion to take that risk to accomplish their dreams.

What I post on this blog is what inspires me to keep going. If you have any questions about the photographers, makeup artists or the clothing etc, please do not hesistate to send an email at chaconiaandrelle@gmail.com

I hope to “wow” my audience, and expose some innovative, inspiring and adventurous sides from my little island, Barbados.

Yours Sincerely,

Chaconia Andrelle xoxo.

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