Powerful, Black Elegance

Hey everyone,

I had a vision that I would be strutting my curves in a lovely black dress while wearing a black broad hat. I think I have stirred a new obsession for hats.

These actions came to mind: Be effortless, Be elegant, Be powerful in my movements and most importantly be myself, that strong young woman, Chaconia Andrelle.




002 (1)





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Statuesque pose towards the sun light in Pink Lemonade designs

Photographer: Sheldon Shorey    

Instagram: urbanbajan 

Assistant: Ramon Taitt                

 Instagram: ramont1988

Dress: Pink Lemonade designs by Rotchelle Parris            

Instagram: pinklemonadebyrp

Black hat: Suin Babe 

Makeup Artist: Alphaeus Designs

Instagram: alphaeusdesigns

This was the first time I have ever worked with another “creative genius” Mr Sheldon Shorey. I really enjoyed working with him and his energy was so positive and vibrant. I thank you for the opportunity to share my vision through your lens.

Have a wonderful week ahead ^_^     Xoxox







Donald Mirander, fashion designer

IMG-20150715-WA0000 Which Caribbean island do you hail from and give us the audience a brief synopsis on who Donald Mirander really is?

I see myself as someone who is passionate about life, adventurous as well as an individual who enjoys all areas of the arts. I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica, where I am currently pursuing a bachelors in Apparel Design, Production and Management. Outside of my academic ventures, I especially enjoy days when I have the opportunity  to be at home in my own space designing, sewing or just having some downtime with my family and friends. You see, my house is always filled with laughter, fun and outrageous moments. Apart from designing, another passion of mine is decorating. I am an events decorator, and I have been decorating for as long as I have been doing fashion. I think the reason why I enjoy decorating as much as fashion designing, is it gives me an unlimited amount of freedom with how I drape the fabric when I am decorating, as I do when I am draping on a dress form. Overall, I can say I am an individual who enjoys designing, decorating, living, family time and the arts.

Many creative minds like you have an inspirational story behind the passion. How did your journey in fashion designing begin?

My journey started way before I came to realize it. I say this because I was always someone who would spend hours in stores shopping or just inspecting every single detail of a garment. I was also heavily influenced by my family to be a lover of fashion, as they would always take me shopping, encourage me to carry myself a certain way, buy me sketch pads on top of sketch pads, as well as they would look to me for help in selecting different outfits for various occasions that they were invited to. So basically, I was nurtured to be someone who enjoys fashion. I was also really good at sketching from a young age and so naturally I was inspired to come up with different designs to maybe just have for a portfolio, or for something as big as designing costumes for different arts competition that my high school had entered. Also for me, designing became therapeutic, and so it made it easier for me to relax, whilst being able to be creative and innovative. This made fashion designing and fashion on a whole, the comfort zone that it is for me today. IMG-20150727-WA0037

Where did you get your sense of style? 

As I said before, I got my sense of style from the very fashionable ladies and gents of my family. Apart from that, when I was not interested in reading my history books I always drew for a fashion magazine, so that i made sure that i kept on top of the latest trends. Like most persons out there, I have a click in my head about certain things when it comes to fashion, so I know what to buy when I’m shopping, and I am always open to new ideas in fashion so as to keep my style fresh and not boring. One doesn’t have to follow every trend, but mixing what is considered your style with one of the latest trends is a good way to keep one’s style on point. This is what I do; I really do not run after every trend: I pick, choose and refuse, because there are constantly many trends around at once. So from the influence of my family, fashion magazines, my own research, and knowing which trends in fashion to follow is how I have gained and maintain my sense of style.

Donald's personal style expressed
Donald’s personal style expressed

Are you identified by a brand?

Yes I am, the name of my brand is Rednarim. Which is actually the reverse of my surname, Mirander. Hence the idea, Rednarim by Mirander. The brand is still a young brand in its developmental stages. Though not quite established as yet, however I intend to put all my energy in ensuring its success. Don’t get me wrong, I have my clients, and I am indeed grateful for the success that God has allowed me to have thus far, but for me, my journey has just begun, there is a lot more to accomplish. IMG-20150722-WA0004 What should we look forward to from your brand?

I like to think of my brand as a versatile one. So look forward to fresh, youthful, classy, timeless yet sexy designs. Yes, I said classy and sexy in the same sentence, that’s because an outfit can be both of these, but it is just up to the designer to know how to play on a design using the above named factors without making the design “trashy”, as less is truly more sometimes. Basically I like to put out designs that make my Goddesses (clients) feel like the queens they are, so expect nothing less than breathtaking designs, which I have been trying my best to consistently put out since I officially came onto the scene.

Having a great foundation allows one to have a better perspective of his own craft and to be become in touch with his “inner self”. How important is your foundation in fashion designing to drive you towards success on the international scene?

I totally agree, a great foundation is everything. It doesn’t even have to be a great big foundation, as small steps are very helpful, and taking baby steps allows you also to appreciate each stage a little more as you grow. Therefore one shouldn’t get discouraged by how small of a foundation they have at a specific stage in their career. My foundation honestly started with my Grandma (Mrs. Myrtle Mirander) allowing me to assist her with little adjustments of my garments or on our cushion covers within our home. Though, that was a small foundation,  as I said before nothing is wrong with starting small, as years later, here I am attending the University of Technology, Jamaica, pursuing a B.a in Apparel Design, Production and Management, and currently the only male in the entire program. So grandma, hats off to you for making me all rounded, as I am happy with where I am in my life of fashion.

Back to the international side of the question and how my foundation will possibly one day drive me to international success, let me once again go back to the idea of taking small steps. Currently, I am making sure that I gain as much knowledge as I can from my university to help prepare me for the future. In addition to that, I have already started to build my clientele, which enables me to “feel out” the business aspects of my career path before I graduate. This will ensure that I am better prepared when I am ready to expand my horizons. I have recently added an assistant to the Rednarim family so that whenever I am away business can be conducted as usual. Another aspect to the Rednarim family is the current face of Rednarim, Miss Kadijah Robinson, who represents my brand, as I specialize in womenswear, and I need a female to showcase my pieces on a daily basis. I say all of this to say, that those are the things that I am currently putting in place to drive me to my ultimate goal of international success.

The face of Rednarim

IMG-20150722-WA0006 Many persons think that as a designer, you wake up one day and create a collection. Could you express any of your challenges while in the process of creating your collection?

Yeah, designers definitely do not  wake up and create a collection, but what we wake up with is maybe an inspiration to where one wants to take his new collection. Coming up with a collection is not as easy as some persons think, it takes time, patience and the love you have for your art (a very important factor). So far in less than a year I have done two mini collections, and I can definitely go through the many challenges I faced. (Just a note about these two mini collections before I get in depth. When doing a collection, the pieces are normally cohesive, however for both these “collections”, rather than focusing on them being cohesive, I went ahead and did different looks for specific reasons at that time). I remembered for the first collection I did, I actually decided to do the fashion show I was gonna showcase at, a couple days before doing it, and so I had no time to even do a fitting with the models. I did all adjustments before they went out on the runway, (and believe me when I say, that is a difficult thing to do!), but with the help of God, family, and dear friends such as Chantel Levy and Rosheika Grant, Rednarim’s debut was a success.

The second collection was also very successful even though the major obstacle; time, was again an issue, as I had a short time to come up with this collection which I had aimed at making a special one; as it was a collection designed for the current face of rednarim, Miss Kadijah Robinson. It was not only a promotional campaign for Rednarim, but also for the purpose of introducing her to the general public. The main reason why time became an issue is because Kadijah is also a college student and so she had exams, whilst I had practicals and portfolios to complete. I had to not only work around her time, but my unpredictable schedule as well. Apart from that, I had to do the shoot before I flew out this summer so as to leave behind something to keep the brand going…. I ended up doing the shoot the day before I left Jamaica for the States, so one can only imagine the literal running around I had to be doing. Overall, I am elated I went through with the shoot and didn’t put it off, as it too was a success, again because of God, family and friends.

As a fashion blogger, sometimes I may have doubts about a concept. I sometimes feel that the concept may not meet the expectations of what I am looking for until the final “product” is accomplished and I am satisfied. Donald as a designer, have you ever thought you made a “not so impressive” piece but at the end the piece was well received?

Honestly, situations like that will happen in life but thank God I have never been in such a situation before, at least not yet. I am the type of person that thinks through each stage of the design and construction process as best as I possibly can so as to avoid any such thing from happening as it is hard to get to the top but so easy to fall. This is one of the main reasons why if I am not impressed, I wont even put that design out because as I mentioned before, I see my clients as Goddesses and they deserve nothing but the best. If I am not pleased, I don’t expect them to be either, hence I will discard such work, or take that piece back to the drawing board to bring it to its ultimate perfection.This is the reason why I am the designer and they are my clients because they expect me to bring forth the best product to the table after their consultation and so I refuse to produce and put out a design that is not impressive. 

Where does your interest lie, is it either “ready to wear” collection or “haute couture”?

My interest lies everywhere, as I said before I think of my brand as being versatile, as one has to be able to adapt to the needs of his clients but at the same time also be able to be versatile enough to go outside of the norm, and bring something different to the eyes of the world. IMG-20150727-WA0002 IMG-20150727-WA0004 IMG-20150805-WA0002 IMG-20150805-WA0003

Could you mention one of your greatest accomplishments as a young enthusiastic designer?

This is a tough question for me because I genuinely look at everything as being a great accomplishment, no matter how small. I always try to be as thankful as I can be. However, if I had to choose one, I would say my greatest accomplishment so far was being able to be brave enough to put my first mini collection out there, knowing that there was no turning back. That to me is great because it can be so scary at times to just throw yourself out there especially like how I did not plan on presenting at that fashion show but anything is possible when God, family and great friends are with you. (I know I have mentioned God, family and friends many times already but I have to give credit where it is due.)

Let’s be REAL about our growth within an industry such as this; are there any words of advice you would like to share to those “creative minds” like ourselves who seek to pursue a career in the fashion industry?

To those who wish to pursue a career in the fashion industry, it is hard work. It takes time, patience and determination. Once you know what you want, then all you have to do is put in the work. The industry will not open up to you, you have to put yourself out there and open up to them and show them what you have to offer. Be the creative person that you are, know when to adapt but definitely know when to break away from the norm. Also if you do meet obstacles along the way, no big deal, learn from them, each tear, battle lost or rejection should only make you that much stronger than what you were before such disappointment came. Finally, as simple as this is about to sound, be polite, kind and genuine. Such qualities will take you a long way, as no one wants to do business with someone who has an attitude that’s difficult to work with.

So for those fashionistas out there who dare to be that lady in Rednarim, provide us with your contact information. 

Yes please, do feel free to send your inquires to either rednarim@hotmail.com or ladyinrednarim@gmail.com.

Instagram pages: @rednarim and @ladyinrednarim

Facebook: Donald Rednarim Mirander IMG-20150727-WA0033

Fashion Fridays_Fantasic Florals

Loving this post by Natz

Radical Trendsetters

Happy Fashion Friday to all Trendsetters, hope all is well with you. Yesterday I posted a DIY tutorial “Rock It Yourself: Summer Florals” where I showed you how to make a floral headband and a floral bralette top. Today I’m going to give some inspiration on how you can incorporate these beautiful DIYs into your wardrobe. After all it’s summer, it’s time to have fun!

Floral Headband

This look consists of: Floral Headband, Circle Frames Shades, Custom Made White Top, Olive Maxi Skirt,Tan Belt and Tan Gladiator Sandals.

Floral Bralette Top

This look consists of: Floral Bralette Top, Aviator Shades, White Watch, White Cardigan, Denim Cutoffs, White Belt and White Converse.

Hope this has you Trendsetters thinking of some cool ideas.

Until next time.

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Current change of character

uccess is a journey, not a destination

-Ben Sweetland


Hey everyone,

I have been constantly asked when will I reveal the photos from this shoot. Have I ever expressed to you that I enjoy personally styling myself and others. I have been blessed with an amazing talent where I “piece” different garments together to fulfill a look. My looks are influenced by various visions in various dreams, daily thoughts, inspirational people both locally and internationally, my environment..it is a mind blowing gift once it is used wisely.

In this post, I have attempted to cross a different persona. I wondered how it felt to attempt a “bad gal” inspired character. Well this is my first attempt in studio which was shot by Carl Blenman from Studio Studio photography. These pieces I have gathered are from my wardrobe except the accessories.

I am a little self conscious about this shoot but I have managed to stick to the character and proceeded to the end. I am not used to this exposure but hopefully I have impress you my audience.













































CH0283          CH0284




This shoot could not be possible without my amazing team of creative minds. I am blessed thus far and I feel in my soul that more creativity will be presented onto this blog.

What do you think??

Comment!!! I need to know what is on your minds.


Photographer: Studio Studio Photographers  (https://www.facebook.com/studiostudio.photographers?fref=ts)

Assistant/Assistant Stylist: Ramon Taitt  IG:@ramont1988

MUA: Tennille Griffith IG: @tennillemarisa

Nails done by Alyssa Harewood “Polished Pawzz”  IG:@polishedpawzz

Accessories: Metal Boutique IG:@metalboutique 

Haircut by Bernard   IG:@mrbernardzz

Eyewear by Wayne “The Eye specs Guy”







Get Excited about that Fur Coat

What a wonderful action word!! It is an effective, contagious force. It helps you achieve the impossible and makes the future full of promise. Be Enthusiastic!!!







I’m back!!!!!

Yes I know I have disappeared for a while but I am willing to fill you with the details. I “pinky swear” ^_^

Many ideas, different inspirations to my concepts that awaits to be unraffled. The ending of a challenging journey into a new journey that awaits a final decision. It may seem like I am speaking in parables but you will understand as more posts will be revealed. 

Here I am posing for the first time for the year, in “Studio Studio” photography studio for one of my favourite photographers, Mr Carl Blenman. I had a blast with him. He is such a creative being and willing to try new concepts. We finally got to work with each other for my blog. I am blessed to have him on board as one of my featured photographers. 





My face was done by the lovely Tennille Griffith. She is so talented, I think we have some sort of super powers whenever we collaborate. It’s the craziest feeling ever. 

My haircut was done by Bernard known as “Mr Edge” and my smile compliments me. 


CH0022 CH0036 CH0114 CH0116 CH0122




About this choice of eyewear, I have to thank my assistant/assistant stylist, Ramon Taitt, who helped me with deciding on my final eyewear looks. Believe it or not, this eyewear I sourced from the streets of Bridgetown from Wayne “The Eye Specs Guy”. I purchase all my eyewear from him. He located in the alley within Swan Street. I ll get back to you on the name of it. I am so awful with remembering names.

CH0136 CH0146


I hope you enjoyed my first post.

More excitement to come very soon.



Photographer: Studio Studio Photographers  (https://www.facebook.com/studiostudio.photographers?fref=ts)

Assistant/Assistant Stylist: Ramon Taitt  IG:@ramont1988

MUA: Tennille Griffith IG: @tennillemarisa

Nails done by Alyssa Harewood “Polished Pawzz”  IG:@polishedpawzz

Accessories: Metal Boutique IG:@metalboutique 

Haircut by Bernard   IG:@mrbernardzz

Eyewear by Wayne “The Eye specs Guy”

A kiss from the Tribe

Sometimes I think some people really underestimate what true talent I have but I must continue to push on. I will overcome. I know I can

-Chaconia Andrelle 

20130210-172507 fin web beautyglam beautyglammed boldbeauty
Photographer: Karl Branch

MUA: Colour Coded
Stylist: Arlette Williams
Hair: Gigi Ma’at from Capello salon
Chunky jewelry by Gregory Paul
Eyelashes done by Renika Griffith
Eyebrows done by Makeba Grazette

Have a wonderful Sunday ^_^

I love the Blues……work that Gold

Hey everyone,

It has been a while that I have posted on my blog but it was a good wait for you to see. I have decided to explore my godmother’s property. It has a beautiful landscape and the garden is breathe taking. My first time working with Mr Shawn Fields as my featured photographer, along with the lip colour of Jolie lipsticks. I think this shoot was very spontaneous and full energy. I hope this “Blues” put a smile on your faces.

blues11 blues12 blues13 blues14 blues15 blues18 blues19 blues23 blues24 blues27 blues25 blues28 blues30 blues31 blues32 blues33

Photographer: Shawn S. Fields Shawn Fields Photography
MUA: Arlette Williams
Designer: Simon Peter
Stylist: Dré DeCarlo
Lipcolour by Jolie Lipsticks
Shoes from Super Styles boutique

If you like what have seen on this shoot, please feel free to comment. If you are interested in any of Simon Peters Designs or Jolie Lipsticks visit their facebook pages:

Simon Peter- http://www.facebook.com/simon.peter.5036459/photos   or contact Simon Peter designs at (246) 236-3294

Jolie Lipsticks:  http://www.facebook.com/jolielipsticks?fref=ts    or contact Jolie lipsticks at (246) 825-5578

Glorious Hardwork, I’ll give you the Best face

 He made me so I can share in His creation, could love and laugh and know Him.

-Ted Griffith

pinn pinkface1 pinkface pink01 pink00

Photographer: Shawn Fields  http://shawnfields.info/

Make- up Artist: Arlette Williams 

Designer: Simon Peter 

Lipcolour by Jolie Lipsticks  http://www.shopcosmeticsjolie.com/

Stylist: Dre DeCarlo  http://dredecarlo.wordpress.com/

Accessories: Chaconia Andrelle

Shoes: Steve Madden 


My Favorite Great Supermodels Of All Time – ROSHUMBA

Dre DeCarlo

A timeless Chicago beauty who has transcended from muse to mentor, Roshumba Williams is another product of fashion visionary Yves Saint Laurent. As aforementioned in my article on Martinique-born supermodel Mounia, Saint Laurent was known to many as one of the designers who pushed the use of black models in the fashion industry. Roshumba was one of those lucky models he worked with closely. The 6-foot-tall model was discovered in 1987, as a teenager in Paris. She had moved to Paris with nothing but $150 in her purse, but after attending many go-sees she was quickly signed. She became a hit on the runways of the world & one of the most sought after models of the 90s. After booking her first haute couture show with YSL, the exposure led her to be remarked by other designers & fashion editors. That quickly led to being booked by the…

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The joy of Serenity

  God has granted me the courage to change the things I can, the patience to accept the things I can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

-James 1:5

The beauty of Serenity is to accept you for YOU. It is that simple. I love my body, my spirit from within and my best asset my smile. I accept every flaw, every little hint of imperfection that makes me that young lady that I am today. I accept and I will embrace.

I encourage every woman to embrace those imperfections, keep you head up high, and give the world that smile for there is goodness at the end of the tunnel once you think positively.

This shoot was taken in one of Barbados’ heritage sites, Queen’s park. I enjoyed this shoot. The concept of this shoot was to be a fun, energized, upbeat, full of colour and of course smilez.

Here I pose in one of my favourite designers, Simon Peter designs. This multicoloured lace dress is such a “head-turner” . This was a first time, working with Ms Deborah Thompson where I wore her creative designed jewelry as well as a new featured makeup artist, Mr. Edmund Griffith. I hope you enjoyed this post.

blog photos-13

blog photos-10

blog photos-11

blog photos-3




blog photos-9



blog photos-4

blog photos-12

blog photos-1

Here is a photo that was taken as my face was being prepared for the shoot. Thanks to Edmund Griffith who did an excellent job on my look.

blog photos-14

blog photos-2

I hope you liked the bold colours and intricate details of the jewelry which were done by Deborah Thompson. I enjoyed showcasing her work, she has such a kind heart, and very heart warming personality. I felt the positivity through her jewelry which brought life to my dress.

blog photos-15 

blog photos-7

Photographer: Paul Osbourne & Kerry Holder

Make- up Artist: Edmund Griffith

Designer: Simon Peter 

Assistant stylist/runway coach: Arlette Williams

Accessories: JBD Designs- Jewelry by Deby

Shoes from Fashion Factory