Powerful, Black Elegance

Hey everyone,

I had a vision that I would be strutting my curves in a lovely black dress while wearing a black broad hat. I think I have stirred a new obsession for hats.

These actions came to mind: Be effortless, Be elegant, Be powerful in my movements and most importantly be myself, that strong young woman, Chaconia Andrelle.




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Statuesque pose towards the sun light in Pink Lemonade designs

Photographer: Sheldon Shorey    

Instagram: urbanbajan 

Assistant: Ramon Taitt                

 Instagram: ramont1988

Dress: Pink Lemonade designs by Rotchelle Parris            

Instagram: pinklemonadebyrp

Black hat: Suin Babe 

Makeup Artist: Alphaeus Designs

Instagram: alphaeusdesigns

This was the first time I have ever worked with another “creative genius” Mr Sheldon Shorey. I really enjoyed working with him and his energy was so positive and vibrant. I thank you for the opportunity to share my vision through your lens.

Have a wonderful week ahead ^_^     Xoxox








Relax Your Face and Smile

Smiling relaxes your face. You use less muscles than when frowning and communicate good feelings toward others and within yourself.

-Proverbs 15:13 & Nehemiah 2:2

Hello everyone,

My weeks were so hectic, studying for my midterm exams for University and trying to create new concepts to express to you.

This week I took a walk on  “the Board Walk” located along Hastings, Christ Church on the south coast of Barbados. I took a softer and more playful look. Actually, this shoot was so much fun. I got the opportunity to be more expressive, more relaxed and to play with my look.

The makeup was more subtle, and a little neutral but I am a girl of colour so my lips and nails made the statement.

I am a big fan of shoes, so I took a risk with my choice. My shoes were designer made, “Steve Madden”.

The dress was also designer made, from a collection called “Pink Lemonade”. I love Rotchelle’s creativity and her choice of colour to suit every style of dress. The clothing was very free to suit my mood, and it also turned some heads on “the Board Walk” as I walked along the way.

I really love the beach: the cool breeze, the waves breaking on the rocks, the sunset, everything so soothing to the soul. Barbados’ main “hot spots” is its beaches, very breathe-taking and beautiful. If you need a place to relax, to clear your thoughts or just to meet up with some close friends, the beach here in Barbados is the place to be.

I would like to thank everyone for making my look a true success.

Photography: Michael Alexander
Designer: Rotchelle Parris (Pink Lemonade)
Makeup: Gigi Ma’at
Creative Director: Chaconia Andrelle & Dre DeCarlo
Hair Stylist: Phillipe Taylor & Anita’s Hair Care
Nails done by EnVogue

So remember, be free, relax your face, be confident and keep smiling. 🙂